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Sonoma Family Life Magazine

Make Your Own Valentine’s Day Card

By Denise Yearian

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show others you care. Here are a couple hearty gift and greeting ideas to make and share with “family” and even outdoor-feathered friends!

Cardstock, white
Heart template or cookie cutter
Large sewing needle
Yarn, various bright colors

1. Measure and cut a 7- x 10-inch piece of cardstock.
2. Fold cardstock in half to create a 7- x 5-inch card.
3. Open card and lay on flat surface, so the fold is in the center.
4. Place heart template on one side of the card. Trace around the heart with a pencil.
5. Use needle to punch small holes that are evenly spaced along the heart outline you drew.
6. Carefully erase any remaining pencil lines.
7. Cut a long piece of yarn then thread it through the eye of the needle. Tie a knot at the bottom of the long end of the yarn.
8. Thread yarn in and out through the holes, stretching the yarn across the heart shape to create a criss-cross pattern.
9. Continue with step 8 until all holes have been threaded. Tie a knot on the backside of your design. Set aside.
10. Cut another piece of card stock that measures 6 ½- x 4 ½-inches.
11. Place glue around the perimeter of the paper in step 10. Then glue over the backside of your heart design to cover the underneath threading. Let dry.
12. Fold card back in half and write a Valentine greeting. Place card in an envelope and give to someone you love.
13. Repeat steps 1–12 to make other cards, using different colored yarn, if desired.

Pipe cleaners
Ring-type cereal (Cheerios, Fruit Loops, etc.)

1. Form pipe cleaner into the shape of a heart, making sure the two open ends are at the bottom.
2. String cereal onto the pipe cleaner until it is full.
3. Bring bottom open ends together and twist together to close the heart.
4. Cut and tie a piece of twine to the top of the heart.
5. Hang on a tree.

Denise Yearian is the former editor of two parenting magazines and the mother of three children and four grandchildren.