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Looking for a Rainy Day Activity?

By Sandy Sandler

Celebrate autumn with this acorn pom-pom mobile. Makes a great display piece for your home. 

Here are the supplies that you’ll need: 

• 10 acorn caps

• Small branch 9–12 inches in length 

• Large sharp needle

• 10 pom-poms in fall colors 

• Five 20-inch lengths of thread, twine, or yarn 

• One 24-inch length of thread, twine, or yarn 

• Liquid glue 

Let’s make the Acorn Pom-Pom Mobile. 

1. Gather acorn caps and small branch. Store these in the freezer for a couple days to kill any beasties. 

2. Pierce a small hole in the center of the acorn cap. You can use a small hand drill; an awl; an ice pick; a large, sharp needle; or a slender nail and hammer. 

3. If you can’t find the color pom-poms you want, color white pom-poms with markers to get fall hues. 

4. Thread the needle with a 20-inch length of yarn. Thread an acorn cap onto the yarn. 

5. Tie a knot on the inside of the acorn cap. 

6. Repeat with another acorn cap at the other end of the yarn. 

7. Repeat Steps 5 and 6 with the remaining 20-inch lengths of yarn. 

8. Add glue to the inside of the acorn caps. 

9. Glue a pom-pom to the inside of the acorn caps. 

10. Attach the acorn pom-poms to the branch. Either wrap the yarn around the branch a couple times or tie in place. 

11. To hang the acorn pom-pom mobile, tie the ends of the 24-inch length of yarn to the ends of the branch. 

12. Enjoy autumn!!  

Sandy Sandler is the creator of Bowdabra. Her frugal, green, family-friendly craft projects are designed to transform the creatively challenged into creative pros. Find out more at