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My son is receiving a top notch education with access to many sporting opportunities, music education, art lessons, and a focus on Christian education and values. The teachers and staff are incredibly conscientious and caring. Our family highly recommends this school.

Service on Feb 19

We chose VCA for our son not only for the smaller class sizes, but also so that he could be surrounded by people of faith. We love how the Bible is woven into their assignments and different subjects. He quickly made some great friends his first year and has always felt included here as we're in his 3rd year at the school. I asked him about any bullying as that was an issue for him at past schools, and he said "There's no bullying at VCA. Thanks for sending me to private school!" Also, the staff and teachers are so warm and welcoming. My son said about his 4th grade teacher, "She's the best teacher I've ever had. And definitely the nicest." Now that’s a ringing endorsement! We’ve absolutely loved his 5th & 6th grade teacher as well! We’re thrilled to continue his education at this wonderful school.

Service on Nov 25

We chose Victory Christian Academy because we value the importance of a Christian education and a Christian worldview. We want to put God first in our lives and we feel that an education at VCA encourages kids to put God first and live their lives in a way that is pleasing to God. We have been so blessed with VCA, the administration and teachers do such a great job and they really care about the kids and their families! Through this school we have made friends with so many wonderful families over the years.

Service on Nov 15