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Fun Youth Camps AFSR French School

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Fun Youth Camps AFSR French School

Business Hours

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Youth Summer Camp Experience

Alliance Française de Santa Rosa (AFSR)

June 14 - August 12 - Up To 8 Weeks of Engaging & Fun Learning
(Programs are offered online via Zoom, with option for in-person instruction.)

« Apprendre le français dans un cadre créatif, amusant et stimulant ! »
« Learn French while having fun and sharing some inspiring and creative ideas!”

All classes are offered on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 9:30am – 12:30pm, June 14- August 12th

$145 per week for AFSR Members / $175 for non-members, which includes an annual Student Membership Fee. Additional discounts apply for 4 and/or 8 week commitments.

Minimum of 3 weeks registration required, need not be consecutive weeks.

Class size is a minimum of 3 students, maximum of 8 students; maximum of 6 students for ages 5-8.

Semi-private lessons and individual tutoring available.

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For 5 - 8 age group : Les Moussaillons

Week 1 - June 14 - 16: Les Pirates => colors, numbers, foods, sea vocabulary

Week 2 - June 21 - 23: L’Ile aux Pirates => action verbs, adjectives, opposites, feelings  

Week 3 - June 28-30: Les Animaux Marins => sea animals, colors, shapes, speed, action verbs  

Week 4 - July 5-7 : La Petite Sirène et les Epaves [wrecks] => shapes, colors, numbers, feelings  

Week 5 - July 12-14 :  Les Pompiers, les Médecins, les Policiers => profession, tools, feelings, well/sick, help words    

Week 6 - July 19-21 : Charlie la Magicienne => colors, shapes, circus vocab, animals, puppetry   

Week 7 - July 26-28 : Les Animaux Marins => sea animals, colors, shapes, speed, action verbs,  

Week 8 - August 2-4 : Les Contes Africains => ask questions, adjectives, opposites, feelings  

Week 9 - August 9-11 : Les Contes Canadiens => ask questions, sequencing, tell a story  

Week 9 on 8/11: Le Grand Concours => a big contest with theater play, or puppet show depending on campers and instructor   

For 8 - 11 age group : Les Marmitons

Week 1 - June 14-16: Ratatouille => colors foods, animals, likes, temperature (being hot/cold)  

Week 2 - June 21-23: Le Tour de France => colors, numbers, articles of clothing, competition  

Week 3 - June 28-30: Le Petit Nicolas en Vacances => colors, numbers, counting, je m’appelle…  

Week 4 - July 5-7: Lucky Luke en Amérique => action verbs, opposites, feelings  

Week 5 - July 12-14: Le bal des Pompiers à Paris et le feu d’artifices [fireworks] => colors, dancing steps, firefighters, dancers, shapes  

Week 6 - July 19-21: Vingt mille lieues sous les mers => sea animals, adjectives, feelings, adverbs  

Week 7 - July 26-28: Tintin et le Trésor de Rackam le Rouge => pirates, directions, commands, adjectives, reading, sequencing  

Week 8- August 2-4: Les Animaux Totems => legends, cultural input, animals, adjectives,  

Week 9 on  8/11: Le Grand Concours => a big contest with theater play, or puppet show depending on campers and instructor   

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For 11 - 14 age group : Les Matelots

Week 1 - June 14-16: Astérix le Gaulois => historical timeline, legends, action verbs, reading  

Week 2 - June 21-23: Astérix chez les Bretons => cultural input, history, legends, action verbs, sequencing, make up a new game  

Week 3 - June 28-30: Astérix et Obélix chez Cléopatre => historical timeline, cultural input, legends, action verbs, putting together a song  

Week 4 - July 5-7: Les 12 Travaux d’Astérix => legends, cultural input, reading, putting together a drama/play of the story  

Week 5 - July 12-14: La fête du 14 juillet => French historical personalities, shapes, flags, quotes and presentations  

Week 6 - July 19-21: La Fée Mélusine  => legends, cultural input, reading, putting together a fresco/mural  

Week 7 - July 26-28: Merlin l’Enchanteur => legends, cultural input, reading, sequencing, potion making  

Week 8 - August 2-4: Excalibur et Brocéliande => legends, geography, reading, directions, relative discourse  

Week 9 – on 8/11 : Lancelot et les Chevaliers de la Table Ronde => legends, geography, reading, giving commands, big banquet around round table

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For Les Mutins, age group 14+ with an A2+ level, the following classes will be offered:

Exploring Comics/Ma vie en BD students are immersed into “l’univers de la BD francophone,” from Asterix to Yakari; retracing its origins, and reading these childhood and grownup favorites. Summer Campers can also start making their own story adapted from a given francophone album. Requisites: technological equipment and Culturethèque access. (A2-C1 Level)

Prononciation/Théâtre students improve their understanding of French phonetics and perfect their accent through reading authentic texts and interacting with a native French speaker. Summer Campers can start acting their lines and form “une troupe de théâtre.” (All Levels) 

Culture & Civilisation/Roman students apply their reading, listening, and speaking skills to the exploration of French History and Culture, while also perfecting their writing skills through personal research and reports on cultural facts and historical figures. Summer Campers can pick a historical fact, event or personality and start writing their own part of a novel. (B1-B2 Level)

Summer Reading Activity for Intermediate Level (A2-B1-B2) with Lisa

Students will read abridged classics, discuss the place of the text in society, the authors, their contribution to the period in history, and write regularly. An abridged version of Les Misérables, le Comte de Monte Cristo would be required to take the course.

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