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Amy's Wicked Slush

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That's the $64,000 question, isn't it! Well, here's what it isn't:  It's not a sno-cone. It's not shaved ice. It's not an Icee. It's not even a Slushie! Here is what it is:  In New York, they call it Italian Ice. In Philly, they call it Water Ice. But in Boston, and now in Healdsburg, we call it SLUSH. Picture a snowball, of freshly fallen snow. Firm, but flexible. Firmly packed, but not hard. Moldable. Lickable. Now picture that snowball in the most beautiful raspberry pink. Or sunset orange. Or deep purple. And now imagine it tastes like ice-cold juicy watermelon. Or mango. Or black cherry. Or any of a dozen or more delicious flavors!


Back East, it was Carvel. The creamiest, dreamiest, tallest, most improbable tower of soft serve ice cream, covered in chocolate magic shell. Remember? You had to crack through the shell to get to the goodness inside.​ Well, in Healdsburg, we have Wicked. Creamy, dreamy, towering swirls of soft serve ice cream, made from local, organic Straus Family Creamery dairy. Now imagine this in not only chocolate or vanilla, but in any one of 26 different flavors! And that magic shell? How about 6 different flavors? How about this concoction sitting in a crunchy sweet waffle cone? Yep. That's how we roll at Wicked.


At Amy's Wicked Slush, we completely understand if you can't decide between slush and soft-serve. Don't fret. You can have both! We call it a Split - half slush, half soft serve, layered parfait-style. The best of both worlds. Maybe a Root Beer Split - root beer slush layered with vanilla soft serve. You'll laugh in delight. Or a Cherry-Covered-Chocolate Split - cherry slush layered with chocolate soft serve (or vice versa if you're feeling wicked!). Or maybe you're craving a Caramel Apple? Sour apple slush with layers of caramel soft serve. How about the Round Mound - chocolate slush with coconut soft serve (or again, vice versa for the wicked of heart!). Or Tropical Cloud - mango slush with vanilla soft serve. Endless possibilities. Our ideas or yours. If you can think it up, we can serve it up!

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