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Summerfield Waldorf

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About Us:

Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm is a top-rated independent school located on a 38-acre campus in beautiful Sonoma County.  The school was established in 1974 by parents who wanted to offer an educational experience to their children that balanced academic rigor, arts and farm work. As an established school with a more than 40-year history, we offer a deep curriculum, and have the unique experience of having a working biodynamic farm on the same campus as the school.

Our philosophy is based on a deep respect for each child’s unfolding individuality, which is recognized as being the key factor in any learning process. Rudolf Steiner, founder of Waldorf education, pointed out that “all education is self-education” and that the task of the teacher lies in creating the learning environment within which the child’s will to learn can find age-appropriate nourishment and challenge.

All of Waldorf education is focused on challenging children in such a way that the emergent ability of independent thinking can lead to a true experience of meaning. This process begins with the hands-on experience of meaning in kindergarten, progresses through the exploration of meaning in the grades, and climaxes in the search for individual meaning in high school. As Steiner puts it, the experience that the world is good and worthy of imitation in the early years, followed by the cultivation of a deep sense of wonder for the beauty to be found in all things, becomes the foundation upon which the High School student learns to discover truth in the world around him/her. 

Mission Statement:

Based on a developmental understanding of the learning process and view of the child that takes human spirituality seriously, Summerfield Waldorf School offers students a comprehensive learning environment designed to challenge and support them in strengthening their cognitive, emotional and intentional abilities.  We strive to support the growth of social awareness and active tolerance, and to give students the experiential background they need to meet new challenges in a creative and responsible manner.

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